Spectrum Noir TriBlend -tussit, Coastal Blend
Spectrum Noir TriBlend -tussit, Coastal Blend

Spectrum Noir TriBlend -tussit, Coastal Blend

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Mahtavat 3-in-1 tussit. Yhdessä kynässä on 3 erillistä värisäiliötä, joiden avulla onnistuu helposti varjostusten teko. Ks. video.

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These Spectrum Noir TriBlend markers have a unique 3-in-1 design. They include 3 ink chambers, each delivering a separate colour through a fine bullet nib for a controlled blend.

The 3 colours inside each TriBlend pen has been carefully developed to produce a smooth controlled gradation. You will get the same result each and every time, with no trial and error or guesswork.
With its simple, clear proposition and unique design, TriBlend appeals to a whole new section of Crafters and Colourists. It puts the Colouring System into a neat accessible format that invites trial and exploration. A great starter before moving onto core Spectrum Noir product lines.

Both new and existing users will love the convenience of the Spectrum Noir TriBlend markers. Colours can be switched effortlessly, without having to down tools or locate multiple pens. TriBlend also offers a portable alternative that saves carrying around a full collection of single colours.