Darwi Extra-Light -muotoilumassa, 160 g, valkoinen
Darwi Extra-Light -muotoilumassa, 160 g, valkoinen

Darwi Extra-Light -muotoilumassa, 160 g, valkoinen

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160 g, koko n. 2.5 x 7 x 15 cm

Huoneilmassa kovettuva, kevyt, pehmeä muovailtava massa. Sopii kohteisiin joissa tarvitaan kevyitä koristeita, esim kortit yms. Voidaan kuivuttuaan maalata.

Kuivumisaika n. 24 tuntia/cm.

White modelling paste, self-hardening. Extremely light weight and very flexible. Drying time: 24 h/cm. Does not shrink when drying. Can be used to shape a huge variety of objects in a surprisingly lightweight material. Perfect for making unbreakable decorative magnets, doll heads etc. Adheres to a wide variety of materials such as wood, polystyrene, ceramics, glass, plastic. Totally suitable for moulds. Will not stain hands or clothing.


Dampen your hands before modelling, then knead the paste to make it easy to shape. Do not dunk the paste in water, or put too much water on it, it will get too sticky to shape easily and could form cracks as it dries. To add a layer on dry paste, dampen the piece before adding fresh paste. For porous surfaces, dampen the surface of the support before applying the paste. Paint or glaze.